Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I have have exciting news! For a short period of time, men's tickets will be half price to the event shown below! This is a great way to get your husband, boyfriend, crush, or male friends involved! Just use code "beer" when purchasing!

On February 11 through Rochester-A-List  is hosting the Valentine's Canal Crawl.  I will be leading a group through Schoen Place, stopping at local businesses to bring you some great deals and discounts.  Label 7, Via Girisole Wine Bar, Lock 32, and Jo Jo's Bistro & Wine Bar will be some of the stops through our tasting journey together.  Bring your spouse, your date, or come with your friends!  The Crawl begins at noon with groups leaving at 1 to explore, taste, and celebrate.  There will be prizes at each location, raffles, and EVERYONE goes home with a swag bag.  The swag will include free items on your future visit to locations in Pittsford as well as Razoesharks tickets!  Raffles will be for local areas in Pittsford as well, including up to $25 to spend. Woot! Woot! You can find tickets here.


  1. I would’ve tried out your restaurant but I am pretty sure you’re not located in my country. What event is it, that you’re offering half prices?

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